Technical Support / FAQ's


We will work with you to get your Studio up, running, and dialed in to your software and printer packages, for free! Photo Booth Studio was designed to be a white label service, meaning you can reserve your own subdomain, complete with your own branding and software/printer options. Your customers will think it's your own personal software program, and thank you profusely for letting them have complete control over their own graphic design.

Give us a call at (800) 951-3169 or email

Will Photo Booth Studio work with my software?

You can setup any photo booth software program to work with Photo Booth Studio layouts.  We just give you the pixel dimensions of the photo boxes. 

List of Compatible Software

  • Breeze Systems                 
  • DarkRoom Booth
  • dslrBooth Pro
  • SparkBooth Commercial
  • Social Booth
  • Photoboof! 

Will I have all of the specs and details about each of my layouts?

We provide pixel-perfect specifications for your layouts.  You can see the exact coordinates for all photo boxes on the Export page.  It should be a small, one time process to adapt all of our layouts to your machines.  

Export Dimensions


Will Photo Booth Studio work with our printers?

Photo Booth Studio layouts can be output in both of the industry standard dimensions for 4x6 or double 2x6 prints - 1240 × 1844 pixels and 1228 × 1864 pixels.

Most printers are very similar, but we know these printers conform to that standard.

List of Compatible Printers

  • DNP DS40
  • DNP DS80
  • DNP RX1
  • Mitsubishi CPD70DW
  • Mitsubishi CPK60DW
  • Hiti P720
  • Hiti P510
  • Sinfonia CS2

 ...... and any other printer which prints in those two pixel dimensions.  There is a drop down menu you select upon signup which allows you to insure you always get the correct print size files exported and printing great with your photo systems.  If you are the rare photo booth vendor who commonly uses two different size printer files, feel free to contact us directly for a custom solution.  We can even create custom sizes just for you!  

Where do I get started?

Sign up on the home page!

You can reserve your own subdomain on our website, complete with your own branding.  Photo Booth Studio gives your customers the feeling that they are using your personal graphic design program, and they will thank you for it!  

How do I have my customers use our Studio?

We recommend having a canned email you send your customers after they book with you.  We have found that sending your customers a hyperlink to your personal subdomain works best, so that they don't inadvertently try and sign up on our home page for a vendor account.  I usually work it into a "Next Steps" email we send out right after a customer signs up with us.  Here is a sample email which has worked well for us:

"Hi ____ - 

Let's handle your photo booth graphics!  
Please go to and sign up for a free account.  Once you are logged in, you can create and customize your own photo booth layout to your heart's content!  When you are all set, make sure to check "Final" next to your layout."

What about green screen compatibility?

Because the average consumer knows very little about how green screen photo booths work, we decided not to offer a design studio for green screen graphics.  But don't fret!  Your customers can still design their graphic overlay using the Studio, and you can pop their background image in on your end - magically!

What does it cost? 

Your account will be charged $20 per completed and exported layout.  Your customers will pay nothing, and they will love you!  

How will I know when my customer's layouts are ready?

Your customers will mark their layouts "Final" when they are all set!  You will receive an immediate email, notifying you their layout is ready, and linking you back to your Studio to export it.  

But - We always add our website URL to all of our print designs??

We decided not to build a watermarking functionality into the program, to respect the desires of the average end user.  You can still accomplish the same thing by downloading our .psd templates, figuring out where you want to include your own branding/website, and then creating a transparent overlay.png file which you toss into the same folder as the rest of your photo booth graphics.  

What if we need to make an emergency adjustment on the fly?

The first thing you should do, after signing up for an account, is download our .psd templates here.  Then, you will have possession of the exact pixel perfect PhotoShop files you will need to either a) create