Frequently Asked Questions

I've never done this before!  How can I make a great layout?

Not the most creative type??  Don't stress about it!  It's really easy to make a great custom layout using Photo Booth Studio.  Here are some helpful pointers.

Where do I start?

Your first step is creating a user account and then selecting your layout type.  We call them arrangements.  The Studio is equipped with two 4x6 arrangements and two 2x6 arrangements for photo strips.  You make your selection on this page after signing up for an account.  Make sure to select the correct arrangement type per your agreement with your photo booth vendor!

Select an Arrangement

Where do I save my work?

Make sure to title your creation so you can find it easily later on!  You should do that right away, here:

Enter Title Here

How can I add our names or other text?

You can add the names of the wedding couple, your uncle's birthday party, your daughter's graduation party, and anything else you would like to say using the text tool.  We have dozens of great fonts available for you to use.  Simply click "Add Text" and you will see a new text field on your layout.  You can drag the text box exactly where you want it.  Select your favorite font, size, and you can even rotate the text by clicking at the top of the text locator tool.  

Fonts available

How can I upload a monogram, logo or other custom images?

You can easily upload any custom images in .jpg or .png format using the "Add Image" button.  You will see the image circling when it is in upload status, and then it's magically placed on your canvas!  You can resize the image (in it's correct aspect ratio), move it around on the canvas to the perfect position for you, and even rotate it by clicking the top box while the image is selected.  Pro tip: the best format to work with is going to be a transparent .png file, because it does not have a background color saved into the image.  This will help you blend it into the layout easier.  You can find a ton of great images by just doing a simple Google search online for "(your image name) .png"

Here is a great illustration of the difference between uploading a heart graphic in transparent .png format, vs. a .jpg with a white background.  The heart on the left has a transparent background, so it is much easier to blend it and other design elements into your layout.  

Here is a great example of using the scaling and rotating features of the image locator tool.  The arrow in the corner box allows you to resize the images you have uploaded and maintain their correct aspect ratio.  The rotational tool can be selected by clicking the top box in the image locator tool and rotating your image until it looks perfect for you!

Scaling/Size               Rotation

Image Scaling SelectorRotation Tool Selected

What colors are available for me?

 You can have all the colors of the rainbow!  Our background image and photo boxes tool will let you pick a color free form, or, if you know your hex code, you can match the color perfectly to your invitations, company branding and other creative items you may have on hand!

Selecting Hex Code

How do I let my photo booth vendor know I am done creating our layout?

All set creating your layout?  Simply check the "Final?" button at the top of your layout when you are done, and your photo booth vendor will automatically be notified via email that your graphics are ready.  Please make sure to only change your layout to "Final" when you are 100% sure you are happy with your design. 

Select "Final?" when you are all set!